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Business events

Industry fairs, congresses and expos

All business events like major fairs, show (like Air Show) and expos (like Motor Shows). Major subcategories listed are Finance, Banking and Insurance events, IT and Services. We also record the General Assembly of major stock exchange companies. With our long experience in Yield Management for Hotel, we know that not all events are useful. Example: for the Motor Shows, usually only the Press days are really impacting the city. So, we split them in two: the Press days and the Public days.t.

Medical congresses

There are so many Medical or Pharmaceutical congresses that we decided to dedicated one category for them. From world or regional speciality congresses (like Euro PCR or Word Lung cancer gathering 5 to 10,000 attendees to small meeting taking place at University, you will find them all. The Analyst can also play with the event to change its dates to record only the impacting days and not all its dates (called initial view in the PEC as initial dates are provided by us).

Exceptional events

In this category, we collect all type of non-recurrent events that have impacted a location once. Usually, they have a very short lead time (difference between the date we load and the event date). It is the case for Political meetings but also for strikes, riots, diseases, weather event (flood, earthquake, hurricanes, storms). These events are useful to illustrate a past situation with exceptional results (high or low). Since late 2012, we also record now airline routes published.

Leisure events

School vacation calendar

School vacation dates are very specific. Most of general school terms are pretty easy to determine like Christmas break, Easter or Summer. But in most countries, school calendars are defined at regional levels generating minor changes over years. In addition, some vacations are based on religious calendar defined during the year. We display more of European countries and the “school” query mode enables the user to mix a focus on a give city or country with the inbound prospective of school impacts for other countries.

Public bank, days off

Likewise School vacation dates, Public days off are generally static. Indeed, national day celebrations (National, Republic, Independence, etc) do not change over year. However some days off are linked to religious break and are moving. Like Easter week-end impacting Ascension and Pentecost-White Monday or Ramadan impacting Aid-El-Fitr and Aid-Al-Kibir. Thus, the PEC is pretty useful to avoid neither Yield mistakes (pricing and/or inventory controls) nor Marketing and Sales actions.

Sport events

Our focus is to display only on major sport events. For football-soccer, we could store all matches but we have to select the most impacting one generating the highest possible attendance. Thus, we display only top 3 or 4 team domestic league calendar per country and their Champions League matches. However, based on specific requirement made by PEC clients, we may collect regional or local sport events if the hotel chain has a partnership with the sport federation or association.

Cultural events

Likewise Sport events, we also concentrate our documentalist team focus on major events. They will be big international star concerts, major auction and painting expos. Again, based on client requirements, we can do a specific focus to display events that match their Marketing or Sales needs.

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