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Track competitors

Fine tune your alerts on local, regional or international competitors and track their activity


To give maximum efficiency to prospection, sales team needs to be aware of what did happen or is happening at competition. PECevent enables the user to set alerts on hotel brands, fairs or congress sites. Eg: all hotel names are listed in details but are also grouped under their umbrella brand. Thus, event activity happening at Hilton, Pullmann, Marriott or Kempinski (brands given as illustration only) on a given city or country can be tracked easily.

For internal sales process optimization and yield entry flow, it is also important to understand if, as a potential event location, the organizer did contact our place. If yes, to evaluate why the quotation has been lost in favor of a competitor. This may eventually force the sales team to re-engineer their selling process.

Target prospects

Get organizer contact details to propose your location as a potential site for the next edition


To get new sales leads, nothing better than knowing the ones that already came in your city. However, competition between sites (hotels) in the same city is tough. So, what if the sales team gets an unlimited source of qualified information to organize its sales calls? With organizer details, it is even easier to convert business directly.

But, when an event is already confirmed in a given city, there is no chance to move it from one place to another. Using the PEC, it is quick to go through a list of events that have just been ending in your competitive cities. And there is a potential to attract their next edition in your place. And when the sales team identifies that this event is moving from one continent or one country to another, it is even better to propose your place as a potential location if he never came.

Sell more and better

Get access to wide base of special events


Many free websites provide information on events for a given city. But most of them focused on a given city or country. In addition to a worldwide coverage, the PEC features a large list of filters to set his own criteria and receive automatic alerts every time a new event is loaded or modified. These criteria can be defined on any cities or countries around the world and can be mixed together.

Last but not least, no event is deleted. Never. When a fair or a congress is canceled, our documentist experts stricke it out. It is clearly displayed within the event list.

Understand the past

Move back in the past to understand how your destination have been impacted by special events


It is necessary to explain how the past. Top Management needs explanation for a low performance during one day, one week or one month: hierarchy has to be feeded by details to justify the situation. For recent past, it is always easy to remember how positively or negatively events hit the activity. But, when events are older and when they are plenty of them, it is harder to recall. PECevent displays all historical data since its creation in 2007.

During budget process, data access is essential. Three to four months before the end of the fiscal year, Financial and Yield Analysts have to forecast upcoming year. Using the PECevent application, it is quick and easy to extract past data and work on various predictive scenarii. Will the past event happen again? Was it so exceptional that it needs to be excluded in the forecast process.
In Hospitality industry, following available capacities of its competitors (rooms in renovation, hotel closed for months or years) may give a light on an exceptional performance.

In Transport industry, technical constraints hit aircraft or train seat capacities have be recorded to explain a unpredictable pick of activity or a demand drop. Our users can add their own events in their own company section of the PEC.

Follow the present

Check if your activity is in line with your city in one click


In term of Yield Management and Pricing, a tension is the number of factors impacting a specific day and therefore the demand. In one click, the PEC gives you an instant view of the number of events for a given day.

With the yellow stars in front of the new or the modified events, the Business Analyst can check what has been added since his/her last connection.

Look ahead

Be alerted each time a new event is loaded and manage your yield accordingly


Yield or Revenue Manager job is getting more and more complex with electronic distribution. Updating sales channels, controlling selling prices, following reservation pick-ups, managing performance index require a lot of time. Therefore, availability to track and analyze event impact shrinks over time: only large congresses or key fairs are feeded into his/her manual event planning usually on excel.

Used in conjunction with the web application Forwardkeys, the tension of events can be mixed with the number of passengers helping the analyst to better understand and anticipate market demand and trends, allowing hotels to adjust commercial and pricing strategy ahead of competition to improve business performance.

With the PECevent web application, he/she can get daily updates on every single event matching his/her criteria at time it is loaded by our documentalist team. With a lead time average of 240 days in advance, there is much more time left to the Analyst to analyze event impacts and adjust the pricing or set the appropriate inventory restrictions if needed.