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InterContinental Marseille

  • From Pierre-Jean Puig, Director of Revenue Management, Marseille.

    Originally an hospital transformed and opened in Spring 2013, InterContinental Marseille – Hotel Dieu is perfectly located overlooking the Vieux Port, adjacent to the oldest district in Marseille known as the Panier. The hotel is housed in a listed historical monument dating back to the 18th century and features a spectacular terrace, where you can relax while admiring the Vieux Port.


  • From Jad Aboukhater, Director of Revenue Management, Cannes.

    Built in 1911 with inspiration from the Belle Epoque period, InterContinental Carlton Cannes is situated on one of France most famous avenues, La Croisette. The Bay of Cannes sparkles just outside the doors, and the Palais des Festivals is a short walk away.


  • From Pierre-Jean Puig, Director of Revenue Management, Marseille.

    Sofitel Dubai The Palm has been opened in July 2013. And under the Sales, Marketing and Revenue Management point of view, opening an hotel is big challenge in regards of the number of configuration tasks. The PEC is a good tool saving us some time. Retrieving school vacations calendar from our source countries to set our pricing levels is easy and quick.


  • From Maud Lamour, Director of Revenue and Distribution, Headquarter, Courbevoie, France.

    Best Western France provides a revenue and distribution support service to all its 315 affiliated hotels. During our analytical process to provide optimization recommendations to our hotels, we need to get a quick and easy to use snapshot of the special events happening in the focus city. The PEC is a great tool saving us a lot of time to evaluate demand tension on future dates on our key areas.


  • From Laurent Perrier, Head of Revenue Management, French Head Office, Orly, France.

    For an young airline like Transavia with a light structure and limited resources compared to our wide network, part of Air France-KLM group, we need to have a quick and responsive answer to our booking patterns. Our RMS, AirRM provides us instant information about price positions of our competitors. The PEC gives us explanations and illustration on an particular trend impacting our book paces. We have set alerts on our key destinations and the PEC team has mobilize its resources to feed the database with relevant information for our airline.


  • From Laetitia Brachewitz, Corporate and City Wide Events Sales Manager, Paris

    This tool provides us with a time-saver, one-stop shop access to City events in Europe. It enables our Revenue team to focus on analyzing market impact of events highlighted by the PEC and to be notified pro-actively of any new event taking place in a particular market or region.


  • From Julia Brakel, Revenue Manager, Paris-Neuilly.

    With the grand opening of the first Moevenpick in Paris-Neuilly, I have been asked to take over the position of RM. Coming from Geneva, Paris was definitely a new market for me. My first task was to get a picture of the event situation of the French capital. As Paris is second to known for its world leading in the expo and congress organizations, it took me some days to learn all the places, search for key events and there recurrences, etc. With the PEC, 3 clicks, 30 seconds and all my alerts were set. The time saved is spent in deeper analysis, opportunity evaluation, pricing and inventory setting. For sure, I will not use a manual event calendar any longer!


  • From Steve Ladegourdie, Cluster Revenue Manager, Warwick Paris

    We are one of the oldest subscriber to the PEC. Since years, we use the PEC for our budget processes. It is very useful and save us a lot of time.


  • From Valérie Kern, Director of Sales, Warwick Reine Astrid.

    Competition is getting stronger in Lyon area. Using an application like the PEC Calendar Intelligence gives a broad database of events to follow the activity of the main congress places and competition too.


  • From Benjamin Hode, Revenue Manager, Nantes.

    Auto44 operates around 3000 cars in a wide territory located on the west coast of France from Nantes to La Rochelle. We have a strong seasonality due to our particular position by the ocean heavily impacted by school vacations from various European countries. Thus, knowing all vacation calendar is a great help and big time saving. I do not need to maintain a manual spreadsheet: I log, click on my a lets and I have a list of useful information in 15 seconds.


  • From Yannick Gavelle, CEO, Paris.

    The PEC gives us various advantages: tracking future demand for our partner hotels giving them information to play on their pricing and alerting them on upcoming events. In addition, this web application is a great tool to evaluate attractiveness of a city and therefore orient our sales actions to affiliate more hotels to our network providing them added-value service.
    Hotels & Preference is a unique collection of more than 130 high-end independent hotels and resorts located in France and in a growing number of exciting destinations throughout the world. Created in 2000 on the Internet, Hotels & Preference brings you a blend of modernity and traditional luxury favoring elegance and a contemporary spirit.


  • From Aurelie Richagneux, Head of Revenue, Paris.

    The iDTGV rail service, that was launched in late 2004, is the first low cost high speed train on the French railway network offering a new way of travelling in train. You feel like playing: with iDzap you have games, consoles, DVDs and magazines. Fancy a chat: You and your neighbors can head for the iDzinc bar. Need a break: relax in the iDzen area, but shhh…. there are people sleeping. Choose your mood, everything is included. iDTGV services take over entire trains running on 16 routes from Paris to eastbound, southbound and westbound of France. One way tickets to all our destinations start at 19 euros, whatever the time of year.


  • From Jan Frederik Vanhamel, Director of Sales.

    We use the PEC as a strategic approach to gain international market intelligence on various fields. Berlin as a city is particularly interesting for international association meetings and the Estrel Berlin, one of the largest convention-hotels in Europe, serves such events as a proud host. The various categories, such as “Culture Art”, are also interesting search filters in reference to our inhouse Las Vegas live show “Stars in Concert”, which can be booked individually or as an exclusive event. The use of keywords is practical and allows us to understand specific patterns. Finally, as an experienced event caterer, we are grateful that the PEC is not limited to events in hotels only.


  • From Rachel Duris, Director of Sales.

    Mama Shelter is located in the heart of the XX district, one of the most dynamic of Paris – financial hub and internationally renown city of culture. This exclusive business residence blends modern, stylish decoration and comfort, created by globally recognized architects and decorators.


  • From Florence Cohen, Director of Revenue.

    I have been using the PEC application since almost it is live. I have two hotels to optimize in Paris: the Millennium Hotel Paris Opera and the Millennium Hotel Paris Charles de Gaulle. Having a platform that manages the special event for me saves me so much time that I do not know how would I do without it. The planning mode is very useful to copy-paste and share with my other colleagues or with the HQ. It is very useful for the Sales team also to extract information about what event organizers have been organizing to fine tune the prospection.


  • From Caroline Heymes, Director of Strategy, Lyon.

    GL Event is one of the world leader in event organization and event place management. With activities coordinated throughout the world, I need to get an updated source of information. With PEC, I am sure to be feeded on a regular basis by all new events confirmed. Using the new feature (search criteria set on Organizer name), I can track all new activity of my competitors and orient the Sales to catch the next edition.


  • From Pierre Bord, General Manager, Nice.

    When I took over Le Negresco as the GM 3 years ago, the famous palace located on the world known Promenade des Anglais was a sleeping beauty. One of my project was to put a fine of the art revenue management organization in place. With the help of Stairway Consulting, we reach fantastic results in the first year. And the PEC helped (and is still helping us) to organize sales organization in a new direction too. We now track all key hotels around Mediterranean sea and contact directly organizers that sent business events there. Therefore we are able to enlarge our source of business clients especially in low season.


  • From Olivier Martin, CEO, Paris.

    As an expert in the revenue management outsourcing in the hotel industry, I have developed a platform of services from strategic pricing, inventory controls, corporate sales and in-house group optimization. With our two offices, Paris and Nice, my team of 15 revenue consultants manage from 3 to 5 properties each. The PEC is a great tool to be alerted on any new events confirmed in our destinations. We can act quickly and suggest appropriate optimization decisions for our clients. During the sales and marketing budgeting phases, the PEC helps us to give a light to past results and prepare upcoming months.


  • From Olivier Jaeger, CEO, Barcelona.

    With Forwardkey, we bring to the hotelier the exact vision of number of passengers that did or will arrive to they city. Yield managers can finally know precisely when how many passengers will come, flying from which country. In conjunction with the PEC and its event categories, the business analyst can easily visualize the impact of a given expected or unexpected event had on his business.


  • OSEO, France

    OSEO, is a public-sector institution dedicated to economic development and a key source of financing and other support for SMEs.


  • Diese Junior Entreprise, France

    Diese is a young business association of engineers dedicated to IT from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Informatique pour l’Industrie et l’Entreprise ENSIEE. They developed the database and the application coding. With the PEC, Diese won the French Engineer contest of young business entrepreneurs.


  • Combine Cloud

    Pierre-Nicolas Tollitte is a talented computer engineer. In 2008, he started to work for WeYield building the PEC architecture. After his PhD in 2012, he launched his own company dedicated to clouding computing, Combine Cloud. Developing the partnership with WeYield, Pierre-Nicolas is still the head of development of new reporting tools dedicated to Yield Management optimization.