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Indepedent hotel

Yield management for small and medium size hotels


In most independant hoteliers™ minde, their property size is the unique criteria justifying to implement modern yield management. However, like any other, small hotelier must forecast his activity, build and manage its rate grid, configure in this distribution plateform, control the availability planning to be accurately set. But with a limited team, the General Manager has to face these tasks among others (guests, housekeeping, accounting, human ressources, technical issues).

PECevent web application is a great tool to keep an eye on all the destination activity without spending more than 5 minutes a day. Through the alerting system, the manager gets all new or modified events. In a single clic, he can select the most impacting events and generate his event planning. Inventory control and pricing actions can be manage with more efficiency.

Chain hotel

Be different from competitors requires to get the information the first


There are usually two types of hotel within the chain hotel™ umbrella name, either under a local or an international flag name.

The first hotel type is linked to an international organization with large human and technical support especially dedicated to sales, marketing and human resources. This organization has set processes setting the business rules and the procedures to stick to them. Sometimes, tools are available to run the business in an efficient way. However to develop their competitive advantages, local property needs to get tactical information before the others and an instant aggregated access to speed up the action decision. PEC event web application is a key element in the Sales and Optimization processes through a wide database of event manually collected by a team of documentalist experts.

The second category of hotels is the franchised ones. They are linked to the franchisor which shares its brand, its marketing, its sales and its web site. But very rarely though other tools. Therefore, local property does not get the brand technical support to optimize neither their sales nor their yield management . PEC event offers the up-to-date optimization technology at a reasonable price. The hotel is able to fight with the same tools than the competition.

Affiliated hotel

Enlarge service menu to the members


Affiliated hotel companies logo-hotels-et-preferencespropose a wide variety of services especially related to marketing (web site, booking engine, brand image, loyalty program), sales (corporate accounts, MICE managers) and electronic distribution (OTA connectivity and GDS displays).

But, to differentiate from competitors, those companies have also to give advices in pricing and seasonality configuration. Manage a portfolio from 50 to 200 hotels worldwide makes the job even more difficult due to limited time available for each of the members. PEC event web application enables the business analyst to get an instant vision of the event tension for a given city, display a web planning in 3 clicks and recommend pricing or inventory actions to the member. It easy and quick to correct a pricing loading or an inventory restriction that could block the business flow to the hotel.

Airline company

Manage a permanent and consistent knowledge database throughout the years


In big airline carriers, yield management organization is already in place and structured since years as the airline industry was the genuine sector for the revenue management and inventory control techniques. Business analyst teams are important (at least compared to hotel industry). Therefore, they get the state-from-the-art optimization tools.

However, due to staff turnover, they may face some knowledge leakage. A business analyst that leaves the company usually brings his process with him/her. Nothing more difficult for a new comer to jump into the previous analyst’s shoes without his/her knowledge of the destinations. For the company, this training phase has a cost and this gap is a risk.

In large airline companies, time dedicated to collect and manage special event information may represent a full equivalent time job a year! PEC event web application provides a wide and structured database of special events that are feeded the same way by the same team over time. Event data are never lost: they can always be extracted no matter if the business analyst is looking at past dates or future events.

Congress center and expo

Keep an eye on all market sources and the competitors


Cities around the world are fighting to get congresses and business fairs organization especially the ones attracting international attendees. On a multi-billion market, Paris with Vienna, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, London, New York remains the top destinations. Within an economic downturn, companies and organizers do their best to manage a shrinking budget. To attract new events, event sites have to be creative and to prospect around the world.

amphitheatre congresPEC event provides automatic alerts on congress sites by name or generic search (expo center, congress center). Thus, Sales teams are automatically feeded every time an event is confirmed somewhere, no matter if it is in their local perimeter (the region or the country) or in their top competing cities.

Now, previous sales process gets modified to become more advanced. Because, if the sales manager contact an event organizer to promote his/her destination, he/she may receive regular requests usually concentrated on already peak dates. PEC event is a great tool to identify events and agencies organizing fairs or congresses during low season but in different cities. Prospect qualification gets more efficient and conversion ratio does improve.

Train company

Animate the network and adjust pricing accordingly


Create and manage a wide network of destinations even though it is in the same country requires to be feeded by all type of events that may impact the demand and improve the loading factor. idtgv1In addition to the traditional School Vacations calendar dates and Public Days off, the PEC event provide a large variety of criteria from Leisure events (sport, cultural fairs) to business (medical congresses, industry fairs). Configuring an event alert for a specific city or region, the Business Analyst gets an automatic flow of information sent around 240 days before the event starts. This is sufficient to set or adjust the rates or the inventory restrictions.

Targeting some new cities where the company has no service yet, the analyst in charge of market survey can start ad-hoc demand studies to evaluate potential flow of new customers to be optimized.